My LonelyCheaters Hookup

I recently had a hookup on Lonely Cheaters that I have been dying to tell someone about. The problem is, the girl I hooked up with, all of my friends know who she is! She is actually a little sister of one of my buddies, so I can’t share the story with any of my friends. I was browsing the site one afternoon just like I normally would and I couldn’t believe when I saw her profile. At first I thought it was a mistake, I thought maybe someone stole her pictures and posted them on LonelyCheaters. After contacting her I was blown away that it was actually my friends sister. Originally I had no intention of talking with her but to my surprise she told me that she has always been secretly attracted to me. After that I didn’t waste much time, she came over to my house that night! Thanks LonelyCheaters!

Lonely Cheaters Dating

As most of you know Lonely Cheaters has been my dating site of choice ever since I broke up with my girlfriend. The amount of people that you will find on the site that are going through the exact same thing you are is pretty refreshing. I never knew that there were so many people dealing with such similar issues and I’m certainly glad that I found Lonely Cheaters. If you have been looking to do some online dating then this is certainly the place. As the name might suggest a lot of the people on the site are looking to cheat simply because they are lonely. In other words you’re not going to find a ton of people who are single and looking for long term relationships. Lonely Cheaters is primarily for people looking to hookup and be discreet about it. If that sounds like something you’re interested in then head over to!

Lonely Cheaters

Lonely Cheaters has continued to provide me with the satisfaction that I had been missing in my life. Like I mentioned in my first post I wasn’t exactly sure where I should try to meet new people after breaking up with my girlfriend. Not only was breaking up with her difficult but we shared a lot of mutual friends so now I feel like I can’t hang out with them either. Since joining LonelyCheaters I have hooked up a couple times, which is great. But I have also met a few people who have become pretty close friends of mine. Which is something I definitely didn’t expect when I signed up for the site. If you have recently been through a breakup or are just looking to add some more excitement to your life you should definitely check out Lonely Cheaters.


Welcome to my new Lonely Cheaters blog. After calling off my relationship of almost four years I have started using online dating sites and have found a lot of success with this new site I found, LonelyCheaters. Although the title implies that the people on the site are “cheaters” I have found that there are many people much like myself that are using the site. People who are simply looking to fill a void in their love life. If you’ve been searching for an easy way to find people to hookup with then I highly suggest checking out the site. I’ll be updating this blog often with information about Lonely Cheaters so come back soon to check out my next update.